Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sistah Love

We crowded around and listened to our sister-friend Empress Kimmy give us her account of Queen Sadiqa's birth of her son...We smiled at each other, in the kitchen of my home, Sistah Amanda and Empress Amanda, feeling the familiar bond we shared through birth...Though at the moment I knew how far were in miles, I felt the closeness within our circle of sisters. I wanted to be with Sadiqa during her birth to support her but although I couldn't, Sadiqa was well cared for by Empress Kimmy, a seasoned, exceptionally strong, nurturing and loving mother, and doula...Kimmy lit candles to represent myself, Sistah Amanda and Empress Amanda, I had to hold back the tears that were daring to fall as she spoke about this most beautiful act! I felt so much love and emotion at this moment and was just so thankful as she kept saying we were all there at Sadiqa's birth in Spirit...I give thanks for the safe arrival of another little prince, I also give thanks for another homebirth! And last but not least I give thanks for the love of my Sistahs :)...

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