Monday, March 9, 2015

On the move with my little ladies...

I am looking forward to spending time with my girls...they will be having their Spring break very soon and we have a big trip planned. They are very excited and so am I! Open road, new sights, quality time together and laughter, what could be better? Gone are the days when I'd hear "are we there yet?" Well, almost...

They truly enjoy being in the energy of traveling and can understand what it all entails for the most part. Packing is actually fun! They are at the age where they can decide what they'd like to bring along and it is encouraged as it helps them to be responsible and it is less work for me. :)

I treasure these times we have together, for all too soon they will be doing their own navigating and traveling...time is precious and so are the memories that we make together. I will never forget the many road trips I went on as a child with my family. The excitement would keep me up all night long...When I was 11, we drove from my hometown, Hyattsville, Maryland to San Antonio, Texas, stopping in most of the states in between. I remember the magic and newness of New Orleans, the rich history of Atlanta, Georgia and how I felt when we reached our destination. It is my hope that my girls will always retain a sense of adventure as they grow into their own. I always tell them to never be afraid of traveling to a new city, it is the wanderlust in me! The more experiences a child has, the richer their lives become. Happy Traveling!

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