Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sushi anyone?

So Friday afternoon brought some smiles to the faces of my girls being that we were going into the weekend. I usually do smoothies, fresh juices or find a recipe for a quick but filling snack to hold us all until dinner time after school when they get home. Last week's grocery shopping trip entailed getting ingredients to make sushi at home but I didn't even remember to get a sushi mat! I finally ended up grabbing one and decided that we would make our own little recipe. I was becoming excited as I prepared the sticky sushi rice, pulled out my nori sheets and chopped up veggies to go inside of our rolls. I chopped up avocado, carrots, green onion and celery for the filling. There were easy to follow directions folded up inside of the package that contained the bamboo rolling mat. I called the girls down to help me and they were quite interested in how everything would turn out. They helped me to assemble the ingredients onto the seaweed and we rolled it all into a perfect log which we place on the cutting board to be cut into sections. We were so excited to try it!! We grabbed some organic, gluten free tamari and sprinkled a little on a dish for dipping. We also sprinkled some sesame seeds onto the rolls before we dug in. I was wishing I had some wasabi paste and pickled ginger to accompany the sushi but didn't dwell on it too much, I would have been the only one eating it anyway...We all tried some of our creation and the smiles and eyes widening told me all that I needed to know! It was a success! I couldn't help but share with the girls that they all of a sudden liked veggies that they told me they weren't too crazy about in the sushi. They didn't think much of it but I was happy about making sushi a signature snack here and there. Especially a snack that they can enjoy as much of as they want to because it's so darn healthy! They commented on how cool the rolls looked; "just like in restaurants" were their exact words. Bow and curtsy for that one. I love thinking of new things to try out with the girls when we cook; variety is the spice of life! Needless to say, we didn't leave any leftovers...until next time!

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